Matt and Amber

I was talking with my youngest sister today and I was struck by how thankful she is. She was drawing a picture of a character she remembered from a book in her orphanage. She told me that the picture that she drew really wasn’t her picture because the book hadn’t been hers. She went on to matter-of-factually say that she didn’t have anything.

I mentioned how she now had her own things and instead of being sad about her past she gave me a huge smile (her smiles light up a room) and nodded. This is her through and through. She is thankful for what she now has and is excited by it.

I love how she is thankful but it hurts my heart that she knew a reality in which she never had anything to call her own. There are other children who are waiting for families and they are the same. They don’t get to experience owning and caring for something that is theirs.

Marielli is one of those kids that are waiting for a family. She has been waiting for years. I remember seeing her face as I looked on Reece’s Rainbow years ago and it saddens me to know that she is Marielli-2still waiting. Her post is also old, the latest update is from 2015!

This beautiful little girl was born in 2011 in the People’s Republic of China with a cleft palate. She was blessedly apart of the cleft exchange in 2012 that was run by Love Without Boundaries. This means that her cleft palate is post-operative. However, in the 2015 update it was stated that she did have a small hole in her palate.

When Marielli was first listed she was described as a social and active little girl who loved to splash in the bath. In the 2015 update she was described as a cooperative introverted little girl. Thankfully as of 2015 she was living in a foster family.

Would you please pray for her with me?

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Marielli. Thank you that she is important and that you have a plan for her. Lord, I pray that you will bring a family forward for her. May they help her to grow in life and in love.

May she get the surgeries she needs for her palate and the help she needs to develop to the best of her ability.

I pray that she is still in a good foster family that will show her love and show her her worth. May you protect the family and help them to live out their roles with wisdom and patience.

May your name be praised for the work that you will do in this little girl’s life. May you show your love and power.

In your name I pray,







Born in 2005 Declan is described as an easy going and quiet boy who is blessed to be able to attend school where he makes average grades and is a leader in his class. He enjoys numbers and studying as well as playing outside in all sorts of weather!declan-300x300

Declan was admitted to the orphanage when he was just a newborn and is still waiting for a family after all this time. It has been said that this young man has strong language skills and that his actions seem timid and slow due to his impaired vision.

Declan has also been blessed with a $10,000 older child grant. Please pray with me that this awesome boy will have a family soon!

Declan’s link

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Declan. Thank you for his wonderful smile and for his love of studying. I pray that You will bless him with a family who will help to grow his love of learning and numbers.

Thank You for the blessing of a grant for Declan. I pray that this grant will help the family that will come forward for Declan and that they will be wise in the moving forward in the adoption process. Please bring them forward quickly so that Declan can have a family soon.

Thank you for this boy and others like him waiting for their families, may they know Your love.

For Your glory and Your kingdom,




Today is my sister’s 18th birthday! It is so cool. I am so proud of everything that she has already accomplished in her life and I am so excited to see what God is calling her to in the future.

This past week has also marked my mum’s birthday as well. There has been so much celebration in my house as we let these two AMAZING ladies know just how special they are to us.


I will continue to let the birthday boy/girl/mum/dad chose who I will pray for on their birthday as a way to celebrate their life and the lives of children who still wait for a family.

My sister chose Elize:


Elize is an amazing young lady who despite working through the challenges of being deaf loves to communicate and does very well in school. Wiggles (my sister) would love to see this young lady at home with her family and have some awesome conversations with her new mum and dad!

My mum decided to chose the sibling group of Aaron, Abby, Accel, and Addy.


These four kids are strongly attached to one another and as my mum says “all kids need mums and dads to love them. There are enough losses in adoption without kids having to lose their siblings as well.”  As a mother who adopted a sibling group of four my mum has seen how hard it is to adopt a sibling group but also the joys that come along with it.

Dear Lord,

Thank You for my Mum and for Wiggles. Thank You for putting such amazing people into my life. I pray that as we celebrate their birthdays they will see in us a small glimpse of the love that You have for them.

Lord, I also pray for Elize. Thank You so much for this young lady. Please bring forward a family for her. Thank You that she is out going and loves to communicate with others. I pray that this will help her to attach to the family that You have chosen for her.

I pray also for the four children that wait together. Please bring a family forward so that they can stay together. Please give the family the strength to help all of them grow into the people You have chosen for them and also help the children know that they are all important and all matter.

In Your name I pray,






My brother, Warrior, has come back from his testing for brittle bone disease with the all clear! Yay!!!


There is always a but!

It is believed that Warrior was born with both his elbows dislocated. Unfortunately they were not fixed and so even now they are still dislocated but due to the damage done over such a long period of time the doctors cannot put the ulna into its correct place in the elbow.

However, the doctor was very impressed with Warrior’s range of motion in his elbows and commended all the swimming he is doing and how it is such good physiotherapy for him and that he should continue!

Though my brother does not have brittle bone disease other children who are waiting for their families do. Children like:



and Patrick (who happens to be the same age as Warrior)


Dear Lord,

Thank you that Warrior does not have brittle bone disease. Thank you that his swimming, that he loves, has helped him stretch out his elbows and regain movement in them.

Lord, I am upset by the fact that there are children without families who live with this disease. They are strong beautiful children but even strong children need a mum and dad to snuggle with when they are getting another cast. They need gentle arms to wrap around them when their bones break and they hurt.

Lord, please bring families forward for these children. Don’t let these kids slip through the cracks and miss out on the wonder that is family.

Thank you so much for my family, for my brother, and for children like Miley and Patrick.

In your name I pray,


Zaki and Buttons

My little brother Buttons is SUPER excited to be praying for a little boy named Zaki.


Dear Lord,

Thank you for Zaki. Thank you that he has been able to have his heart surgery. 

I thank you that Buttons can pray for a little boy that is six like him. I pray that you will give him a heart for this little boy that was like him, living in an orphanage, and that he would desire for Zaki to have a family just like him.

I pray that you will bring a family forward to adopt Zaki and bring him into their family as a son and a brother. I pray that they will help him through any further surgeries he may need for his heart and will be able to get him the glasses he needs for his eyes.

Thank you so much for Zaki and his love to play games!

In Jesus’ name,




Dear Lord,

thank you for Gene. Thank you that you created him in Your image. Lord I pray that you will be with him as he waits for a family.

I thank you for the doctors that could repair his cleft lip and palate. I thank you that he is able to receive a grant of $4000. I pray that you will bless the people that could help in these ways.

Lord, please bless Gene, please bless him with peace as he awaits.

Lord, please bring a family forward for this wonderful 12 year old boy. I pray that he will not need to wait any longer as he has been waiting for such a long time.

Please bless China as it is Gene’s birth country. Please help him to know that it is ok for him to love both China and any country that you are calling him to. Please Lord bring his family to him.

Please help him to have food in his belly and a roof over his head.

I thank you for all that you are doing in his life.

In Jesus’ name,