Since June 2015 my youngest brother has been praying for a little boy named Zaki. ( ). I did a small post about it when Buttons began to pray for him ( ). Since then Buttons and Zaki have grown a lot. Unfortunately there is no new picture of Zaki or any update but a lot of time has passed and he is still waiting.

Buttons prays for Zaki every night without fail and asks me if he has been adopted yet. It hurts me to tell him no, Zaki isn’t adopted. The heartbreak on Button’s face every time I tell him is gut-wrenching. One time he even announced that when he grew up he would adopt Zaki himself.


Zaki was born in May of 2009 which makes him not even a month younger than Buttons. I love having my little brother around and thinking of him without a family (like he was but a few years ago) troubles my heart because I know that there are other kids out there who are still waiting. Would you please pray with me that Zaki will not have to wait much longer and that I can tell my brother that the boy he prays for is going to have a family as well?


Dear Lord,

Thank You for Zaki. Thank You that Buttons has a heart for other kids like him. Thank You that Buttons was adopted and that I get to call him ‘brother’.

Please answer my brother’s prayer and bring forward a family for Zaki. Help them to love him and care for him, to show him the love of a family. I pray that they will help him through his medical needs and help him to be all that he can be.

May Your will be done,





Zaki and Buttons

My little brother Buttons is SUPER excited to be praying for a little boy named Zaki.


Dear Lord,

Thank you for Zaki. Thank you that he has been able to have his heart surgery. 

I thank you that Buttons can pray for a little boy that is six like him. I pray that you will give him a heart for this little boy that was like him, living in an orphanage, and that he would desire for Zaki to have a family just like him.

I pray that you will bring a family forward to adopt Zaki and bring him into their family as a son and a brother. I pray that they will help him through any further surgeries he may need for his heart and will be able to get him the glasses he needs for his eyes.

Thank you so much for Zaki and his love to play games!

In Jesus’ name,