This handsome young man is Tristan. He was born in 2003 but was not listed until 2013. Unfortunately it has been four years since then and he is still waiting! His younger sister has been adopted and his older sister aged out.

It is probable that Tristan has F.A.S. Other than mental delays he is said to be a healthy young man. A missionary who met him said that he is very tiny and that he can get very excited. He was also described as sweet, loving, capable, and curious. It is said that he wants a family.

It is such a blessing that he is eligible for an Oldertristan-2016-1 Child Grant from Reece’s Rainbow ( He is also available to large families and older parents.

Would you pray with me that his family will come soon?

Dear Lord,

Thank You for Tristan. Thank You that his younger sister was able to be adopted. Though it breaks my heart that these siblings couldn’t be adopted together I thank You that his sister gets a chance at a family. I pray that you will protect and care for Tristan’s older sister and that she is healthy, safe, and loved.

I pray that Tristan will soon have a family to call his own. Lord, please bring forward a family that can help him reach his potential. I pray that they will come forward quickly and that unlike his older sister he will not age out before he can experience the love of a family.

For Your glory and Your kingdom I pray,



Wonderful Boys

It is often harder for boys to get adopted. While this is a sad reality there are many boys who are waiting for a mum and dad. Two of my brothers are adopted and they are wonderful kids. They are great and I am so glad that I get to call them my brothers. I hope that other boys who are waiting will soon be able to be called son.



Avery has been waiting for a while, it was almost four years ago when he was listed in 2013 with Reece’s Rainbow. Avery was born in 2004 and has HIV (the theme for today).






Henley (b. 2008) also has HIV. In addition to his HIV he is listed as having a slight mental delay. He is described as being a very quiet boy.







Dryden was born in 2010. He has HIV and possible FAS, he is also listed as having hepatomegaly with splenomegaly (enlarged liver and spleen).





Now on ‘my family found me’ page! Yay 🙂 Harrison and Henry are brothers who need to be adopted together. The older boy was born in 2011 and is listed as being healthy. His younger brother was born in 2013 and is listed as having HIV.



Every one of these boys are ready and waiting for a family. Please pray with me that they will not have long to wait. If you feel called to do something more I encourage you to do as you are being lead! Thank you for your care and prayers.

Dear Lord,

Thank You for boys around the world. Thank You for their smiles and laughter. Thank You for their wide range of personalities and their potential to be strong, caring, kind, gentlemanly, and passionate. Thank You for the people that care for the boys who are still waiting for families. I pray that You will give them wisdom to look after them.

I pray for the families that You will bring forward who will call Harrison, Henry, Henley, Dryden, and Avery ‘son’. Please give the boys hope as they wait. May they have the medication that they need to be healthy so that they can grow to be the men that You have planned for them.

For Your glory and Your kingdom I pray,



This beautiful little girl is Lucia, she was born in 2010 and was listed in 2015. Reece’s Rainbow states her medical conditions as ‘localization-related (focal)(partial) symptomatic epilepsy and epileptic syndromes with simple partial seizures, unspecified mental delays, myopia after stroke syndrome, and lack of coordination of muscle movements.’ She is described as being friendly and sweet. Would you pray with me for a family to adopt her?

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Lucia. I pray that You will bring forward a family for her. I hope that she will not have too much longer to wait. Please be with her new family as help her through tough medical times and rejoice with her in the joyful times.

I pray that she will be a light in the lives of the people she is around. I pray that You will shine through her.

Lord, You have brought Your children into a family relationship with each other. Please help us, as Your children, to show the love of a family to others. May we not be selfish in our love but graciously give as You give Your love to us.

For Your glory and Your kingdom, I pray,



A New Year

Update: Collen, Jaxson, and Stellan have a family committed to adopting them!

Hi. My computer was out of commission for a while but now it is back and fixed. I am so grateful to have it back and now I can get going with this blog once again!

I hope that all you who read this had a blessed Christmas and that your New Year has started off wcolleenell.

This week I want to present a sibling group of three. They are all older and because of that they are at risk of aging out of the system without having the support and love of a family.

Colleen was born in 1999 and only has a few months before she will not be able to be adopted as she will be turning 18.

Jaxson was born in 2001 and has mild mental delays. Unfortunately he is teased due to being different. Jaxson finds it hard to keep eye contact and when he is excited he can be hard to understand. jaxson-1-244x300Additionally, he is prone to mumbling. Another unfortunate aspect of Jaxon’s life is that he has been separated from his siblings and has not been able to experience much.

The youngest of the siblings is Stellan. Stellan is healthy and is waiting to be adopted with his siblings.

These siblings need to be adopted together. As the oldest of seven I know the importance of brothers and sisters. I know that I would do anything for my younger siblings. My youngest siblings were adopted together as a sibling group but they were separated from some of their other siblings and it has been hard on them. Please help to raise awareness of this siblinstellan-3g group. I hope and pray that they will be able to stay together and will be welcomed into a family!

Because they are all older in age they are eligible for a $10,000 older child grant. Also, Colleen, Jaxson, and Stellan are available to large families and older parents!

Please pray with me for Colleen, Jaxson, and Stellan.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Colleen, Jaxson, and Stellan. I do not know the circumstances that have brought them to the place that they are now in. I pray that they will know Your gracious hand upon them. Please give them hope even when all seems hopeless. Please grant them peace even as they see their world spinning out of control.

I pray that You will call a family forward to welcome them with open arms. I pray that the family will be patient and supportive. Though they may be teenagers that does not take away their need for a family. For hope, for support, for someone who cares. Please show Your mighty hand in their lives.

Lord, You are all powerful and all loving. You are all holy. You have made us to desire families, to desire companionship. You have created us to love, to reflect Your love. Please strengthen Your people and push them forward into being Your hands and feet in the world. Being the visible love for people, and showing others who You are.

Please grant us the ability to speak for those that cannot speak and to fight for those that cannot fight. Please bring Colleen, Jaxson, and Stellan into a family.

I pray this in Your powerful and loving name,


Juliana and Lily

Update: A family has stepped forward for Juliana and Lily!!!

Sorry this is a day late! These two beautiful little girls will hopefully make up for it.

Click the link to go to their Reece’s Rainbow page

Lily, the older of the two sisters (pictured on the left) was born in 2010, she has been diagnosed with HIV, disorder of the brain, mixed specific developmental disorders, umbilical hernia, and Anaemia. Her younger sister Juliana (pictured on the right) was born in 2012, she is also diagnosed with HIV and has a mild mental delay.

Unfortunately due to their age difference the girls are in separate orphanages in different towns. Thankfully they are still in the same region though! This way the family that adopts them will only have to have one court. Despite them being in different regions they do need to be adopted together.

Will you please pray with me that these two little ladies will have a family soon?

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Lily and Juliana. Thank you for their beautiful smiles. I pray that You will help them to be able to see the beautiful things in the world and will keep on smiling.

Lord, please bring a family forward for these girls so that they can be together again as sisters should be. Please help them to be able to have the medication that they need so that they can stay healthy and live long amazing lives. I also pray that the family that You are calling for them will help them to learn and grow into wonderful women.

Thank you for them and for those that care for them. May Your blessings be upon them and may You be glorified by their lives!

In Your name I pray,