Wow. It has been a busy but rewarding summer and now school is about to start!

This summer I worked with a good friend of mine and we coached a summer swim team in a town that is thirty minutes away. The kids were amazing! Some of them were going through tough times in their lives and others were giving the sport a try for the first time. We were so blessed to be apart of their lives and to see them grow as athletes and as people.

And now school is about to start. I am going to have such a full year but I am excited to see how God is going to lead me, use me, and grow me. I will be coaching a whole new group of kids in the town my university is in. Some of them I have coached before and others will be new. I am excited to be apart of their lives and am thankful for the opportunity.

I will also be completing my final year of my Masters degree which means that I will be writing and defending my thesis. Honestly, I am terrified but also waiting with expectation to see what God is going to teach me. It is my hope that what I have to write and say will make a positive impact on someone.

In addition to coaching and my own school work I will be working as a teaching assistant and as the vice president of the student association. All this is to say – I will be busy!!! However, I will do my utmost to continue to update this blog and bring forward children to the Lord in prayer. Which brings us to the point of why you are reading this in the first place! The kids. The wonderful and beautiful kids who are waiting for families to love and cherish them.

This week Tressa is the beautiful young girl that will be lifted up in prayer ( ). Would you pray for her with me? She was first listed in 2010 and is still waiting. Tressa was born in January 2005 which makes her 12 years old. She is growing into a little lady without a family. Something that I hope will change soon!

Tressa has FAS and is living in Eastern Europe. Because of her age she is eligible for an older child grant from Reece’s Rainbow. She is also blessed to be available to be adopted by older parents and large families.


Dear Lord,

Thank you for Tressa. Thank you that you love her and have made it possible that she can be adopted. There are many kids out there who never get the chance to have a family who loves them and cares for them. It breaks my heart as I know it breaks yours that this is a reality for many. May it not be the case for Tressa. Please show your mighty hand and bring forward a family to be Tressa’s family. May they love her and help her to grow into the woman that you have in mind for her.

Thank you for those who care for her. May you give them wisdom in caring for Tressa and the other children that they are to look after. Please care for the other children and give them the opportunity to have a family.

In your name I pray,






This handsome young man is Tristan. He was born in 2003 but was not listed until 2013. Unfortunately it has been four years since then and he is still waiting! His younger sister has been adopted and his older sister aged out.

It is probable that Tristan has F.A.S. Other than mental delays he is said to be a healthy young man. A missionary who met him said that he is very tiny and that he can get very excited. He was also described as sweet, loving, capable, and curious. It is said that he wants a family.

It is such a blessing that he is eligible for an Oldertristan-2016-1 Child Grant from Reece’s Rainbow ( He is also available to large families and older parents.

Would you pray with me that his family will come soon?

Dear Lord,

Thank You for Tristan. Thank You that his younger sister was able to be adopted. Though it breaks my heart that these siblings couldn’t be adopted together I thank You that his sister gets a chance at a family. I pray that you will protect and care for Tristan’s older sister and that she is healthy, safe, and loved.

I pray that Tristan will soon have a family to call his own. Lord, please bring forward a family that can help him reach his potential. I pray that they will come forward quickly and that unlike his older sister he will not age out before he can experience the love of a family.

For Your glory and Your kingdom I pray,