This cheeky smiled little lady was born July 2007. At the age of three she came to the orphanage where they found that she had Cerebral Palsy that affects her lower legs. She was also found to have club feet which was corrected by surgery in 2011. Scout is said to have good fine motor skills and is quite the talker!

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Scout. Thank You for her smile and her spunky personality. Lord, I pray that she will have a family soon who will scoop her up and smother her beautiful face in kisses.

Lord, every child has the right to be loved and be given to opportunity to grow and live and love. Please open up this little girl’s future so that she can change the world around her.

May You be glorified through Scout, the family that You call for her, and those that care for her now.

In Your name I pray,






Wesley is an adorable little boy from China who is waiting for a family. Wesley was born in 2013 and he has mild Cerebral Palsy and encephalodysphasia rickets.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Wesley. Thank you for those that look after this little boy. Please bless them and bring them into Your kingdom. I pray also for Wesley, please bring a family forward to embrace him and raise him up as a young man for Your kingdom.

You have adopted us into Your family and have restored our relationship with You. May we as Your children, Your church, live out this adoption as we care for and love those around us.


In Your name we pray,



Yesterday was my sister’s first birthday in a family (she turned nine) and today is my youngest brother’s birthday!!!!! Buttons is six today!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😄😄 Just like Treasure this is Button’s first birthday in a family and he is having a blast!  


Yesterday, Treasure chose Daphne to be prayed for and today Buttons has chosen Macarius. Like Buttons Macarius had his birthday this month and has also just turned six! 

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Macarius. Thank you that he smiles and that he can talk. Thank you that You have made him and that You love him.

Lord, I pray that this little boy will have a family very soon. Thank you for the $126.20 that has been donated to his name on Reece’s Rainbow. 

Lord, please help his family to come soon so that he can have the surgery he needs on his foot so that he can have some hope of learning to walk. I also pray that he will be able to get the physical therapy he needs for his cerebral palsy, as well as allowing him to be able to get glasses if they are required so that despite having strabismus he can see and learn. Please help his family to help him overcome his mental delays. Also, please help his family to feed him well so that he can no longer be malnourished but grow into a healthy young boy.

Thank you for this special boy. Please help him to know that You love him and care about him. Please use him for Your glory so that all people can know the heart that You have for the orphaned and for those in distress. 

I pray all of this in Jesus’ name,



Today is my little sister’s birthday!  (Happy Birthday Treasure!!!!) It is her first birthday in a family 😊😊😊😊!  

 Daphne, like my sister has just turned nine.


Dear Lord,

Thank you for Daphne! 

Lord, I pray that she had someone love on her for her ninth birthday. 

Thank you that she is responsive and affectionate. Lord, please help her to keep these attributes even with the transfer to the adult mental institution. 

Lord, please bring a family to her soon so that she can get the therapy for her Cerebral Palsy. Please bring someone to love her and understand her despite her cognitive delays. Please, Lord, bring her family to her so that she does not have to stay bedridden and so that she can achieve all that you have in mind for her.

Thank you Lord for the $2,145 grant on reeces rainbow, may it be used greatly for Your glory and so that her family can get her quickly!

May this little girl be blessed and be a blessing to others through Your power.

For Your glory and for Your kingdom!

In Jesus’ name,