My brother, Warrior, has come back from his testing for brittle bone disease with the all clear! Yay!!!


There is always a but!

It is believed that Warrior was born with both his elbows dislocated. Unfortunately they were not fixed and so even now they are still dislocated but due to the damage done over such a long period of time the doctors cannot put the ulna into its correct place in the elbow.

However, the doctor was very impressed with Warrior’s range of motion in his elbows and commended all the swimming he is doing and how it is such good physiotherapy for him and that he should continue!

Though my brother does not have brittle bone disease other children who are waiting for their families do. Children like:

Miley http://reecesrainbow.org/94937/miley


and Patrick (who happens to be the same age as Warrior) http://reecesrainbow.org/47712/patrick


Dear Lord,

Thank you that Warrior does not have brittle bone disease. Thank you that his swimming, that he loves, has helped him stretch out his elbows and regain movement in them.

Lord, I am upset by the fact that there are children without families who live with this disease. They are strong beautiful children but even strong children need a mum and dad to snuggle with when they are getting another cast. They need gentle arms to wrap around them when their bones break and they hurt.

Lord, please bring families forward for these children. Don’t let these kids slip through the cracks and miss out on the wonder that is family.

Thank you so much for my family, for my brother, and for children like Miley and Patrick.

In your name I pray,




Far out! I have not written in ages. I am sorry. I guess school takes over more than I realize.

So has any big thing happened since I last wrote? Yes! Four things.

  1. My cousin died from a major asthma attack. She will be very missed.
  2.  The amazing coach that gave up his retirement (and last year of his life) to coach us (Varsity swimming) when we did not have a coach has died. I feel so blessed that I got to know him and train under him. It was such a fun year! He too will be sorely missed.


3.On a happier note Warrior has an orthopedic appointment (after waiting over a year!) to determine if the anomaly noted on an x-ray is a form of brittle bone disease.


4. The All Blacks are in the Final of the world cup!!!!!!! YAY

Dear Lord,

thank you for the amazing lives of my cousin and of my former coach. Thank you that Warrior has an appointment and thank you for helping the All Blacks to more forward in the World Cup.

May you be praised!