There are times when we blind to the atrocities to the world and to the needs and cares for others. While there are people in the world who lack physical sight it is often those of us who can see that are blind. Each of us may be blind to a different aspect of reality, be it our own selfishness, the plight of a neighbor, or the mindset of our cultural group.

It is my belief and hope that as we open ourselves up to Christ and direct ourselves to God that our eyes will be open to others. May we be like Christ in championing the downtrodden. May we allow our eyes to be opened to the injustices of the world and participate in the renewing of creation, both humanity and nature, as we are renewed by the power of the Spirit.

I rejoice that someone could see the neglect and under-stimulation that Georgie was experiencing in his old orphanage. It was because it was seen that action could be made in his new environment, action that has allowed him to radically develop since he was relocated in April. Born in 2014 this sweet and gentle boy still has a long way to go.

Though being functionally blind with very little light perception I hope that he will never be blind in the ways that we often are. I pray that he will not only receive the direction and care that he sorely needs to continue developing but he will also be exampled care and compassion. An example that will help him to grow into a man of purpose and hope for others. A child of God that allows his heart and mind to be open to others in this world.

Would you pray for Georgie with me?

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Georgie, thank you for his sweet and social nature. I pray that it will continue to develop so that he might use it for the care of others and development of himself.

I thank you that he is in a better environment where he can develop and grow stronger. May his caregivers continue to provide the care he needs. Please give them the wisdom and patience that they need to care for Georgie and the other children that they are responsible for.

Please bring a family forward to call Georgie their son. May they show him love and compassion, steadfastness in the face of trial, and a desire to stand with those in need. May they learn from Georgie as much as I pray he learns from them.

I pray that you may be present in their midst. Strengthening and upholding; encouraging them to develop in a way that is honouring and uplifting to you and others. Thank you for this little boy, may he receive the love, support, and care that every child should have.

In your name I pray,




I’m back! Finishing up my Masters degree has been a challenge but I am finally at the end of it. Hopefully this will allow for more consistent updates.

You may be wondering why I have a picture of one of the best superheros ever at the top of the page (Ok, I admit it. I love DCU and Nightwing is at the top of my list of my all time favorite characters). The young man that I am going to pray for today is Grayson. Seeing his name reminded me of Richard “Dick” Grayson aka the first Robin and then later Nightwing (he has also been Batman when Bruce Wayne was unable to be located). All that to say, this character, who lost his parents at a young age, became a hero, a leader, a protector of the innocent.

I believe that every kid has the potential to be a hero. It might look different for each kid but I think that they can change the world. Changing the world happens in different ways. It can be through a change in reality for a group of people or it can be a change for a single person. For that person the world is changed; their outlook has changed and hope can become tangible. We each have a role in changing the world, fighting for justice, and bringing hope into someone’s life.

It is my hope that Grayson will have a family to call his own. A family that will support him and encourage him.  A family that will help him be a hero!

Grayson was born in 2008 in the People’s Republic of China. He has congenital heart defects and has had three surgeries to date. He is described as being positive, active, smart, respectful, and loving. He attends school and the orphanage and is said to be doing well.

Will you pray for him with me?

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Grayson. Thank you for the interactions and impact that he has. I pray that he will grow into a strong young man who brings hope to others as you will bring him hope.

May those who care and teach for him show him love and care. May they have patience and the knowledge how to help Grayson and the others that they teach and care for.

I pray for the family that will open up their family to him and welcome him in as a beloved child. May you prepare their hearts and minds as you prepare Grayson’s.

Thank you for the grace and strength that you give to each one of us. May we participate with you as you care and love for people. May we participate in changing the world for one person and for all people. May your will be done and your love be known.



This little guy will be entering double digits this year! Lochland was born in 2008, he lived with his birth family until 2016, and in 2017 he moved to a group home for boys with learning and emotional difficulties. Lochland has dyslexia and has been labeled with low intelligence. There are many successful people who have dyslexia. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Lochland could be adopted and be given the support to flourish and achieve his best in whatever area he loves?

He could join the ranks of Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Whoopi Goldberg, Steven Spielberg, Keira Knightly, and Jamie Oliver as someone who has not been defined by dyslexia. Like these well known people, Lochland can impact the world and reach his potential.


He has gown so much during his time in the group home. He meets with a psychologist monthly to talk about his birth parents, his past behavior, and to prepare him for adoption.

Lochland is described as being lively, active, popular with his peers, and helpful to his teacher. He enjoys football, Legos, and watching TV. For more information you can visit the Reece’s Rainbow:

Lochland has expressed a desire to be adopted and believes that he will be adopted soon. It would be awesome if his wish could come true! Would you pray with me that he will have a family soon?

Dear Lord,

Thank you that you have given us skills and talents. Thank you for the people that have shaped the world and have brought joy, knowledge, and feeling into our lives. Thank you that we do not have to be defined by a diagnosis but by how you see us. Thank you that we can make an impact on the world.

Lord, I pray that Lochland will soon have his wish of a family. Please bring a family forward that can support him and help him to flourish. Irr-Lochland-2 pray that he will make an impact on this world, that he will not be defined by dyslexia but will be defined by who he is.

Thank you that he is doing well in the group home. I pray that the staff will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of many young boys. May they be equipped to show love and support the boys that come into the home and may they in turn be supported to do their work.

In your holy name I pray,



South Asia


So…. It’s been a while. I could blame it on finishing up my thesis or being sick or having to work on Sunday, while all of those things have happened and have made it challenging to write a blog post they shouldn’t be an excuse. The kids that wait for families spend each day going about their lives and each day that passes is another day that they don’t come home from school to a family that loves and supports them.

While I may not be in a position to adopt that does not mean that I should step back and not do anything in regard to these kids’ lives. As someone who is a Christian I have the knowledge of my salvation in Christ. This means that I am now a member of the family of God. I share this amazing status with everyone else who has been adopted into the family of God.



The thing is, along with the privileges that we have as children of God we also have responsibilities. We are not to shirk these responsibilities, therefore, I wish for us to turn our minds to what we can do for the children that wait for families.


When my family was still living in New Zealand, before we moved half-way across the world, my parents were in the process to adopt from a South East Asian country. While they did not end up adopting from this country but rather from an Eastern European one the children that are still waiting in South Asia are not far from our minds.


Reece’s Rainbow has a page of children who are in South Asia and are listed for adoption While they cannot have their faces shown due to regulations, these precious children deserve to be seen and known as the wonderful people that they are. Children like Olivia, Penny, Connor, Jeanette, and Zack.

Would you please pray with me for the children of South Asia? That those who wait for a family will be seen and that they will be brought into a family soon?


Dear Lord,

Thank you for the people of South Asia. I thank you for those that have chosen you and are members of the family of God. I pray that they will be a light shining you to those around them.

Thank you for the children. Please guide them and lead them in your way. May they make an impact in their countries and towns. May they bring you glory and make your name known.

Lord, for those children that do not have the love and support of a family, I pray that you will provide for them so that they may have the necessities that they need. Please let them know that they are loved. May you also bring forward families to cherish them and to support them. May they know the love of a family.

For you and your kingdom,




Image result for sage herb

When I was in highschool I had to read National Geographic’s Edible, a 360 pg guide to the world’s food plants (I was homeschooled, it was apart of a culinary arts course I did). Among the many interesting entries there is one on the herb known as sage. In British cooking it is often a vital seasoning and flavoring ingredient in poultry stuffing and sausages, while the French and Italians often pair sage with pork. Either way, sage is an important flavor for many dishes. It has a strong flavor and like many other herbs it has medicinal purposes.

Just as sage is an important component in many dishes there is a young boy going by the name Sage who would be an amazing part of someone’s family. Sage was born in 2007, he is missing a kidney and the one he does have was donated to him. He needs to do monthly blood tests and tests needed to observe his kidney function.

Sage is described as smart but due to being prone to infections (such as colds) that are risky for someone in his condition it has become his desire to be able to attend school regularly.

One of my good friends was born with one kidney. He’s a great guy and I am glad that he has a family that cares about him and desires that he does something that he is passionate about. It is my hope that Sage will soon have a family that cares about him deeply as my friend’s family cares about him. A family that he will add an unmistakable flavor too, just as sage is an unmistakable flavor given to many dishes.

Would you pray for him with me?

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Sage. Thank you that he wants to learn. I pray that he will have a family who will care for him, love him, and support him. I pray that they will help him through his medical issues and help him to flourish. I pray that you will also look after this family that you will bring forward. That there will be support for them as they raise this young man into adulthood.

Please protect Sage’s health so that he will be able to enjoy the friendship of others and the experiences that will be laid out before him. I pray that he will be able to be an unmistakable flavor in the life of a family and a community.

May we all be like the herb sage in that we embrace our unique selves and join with other’s in community. Like the herb, may we be apart of a wonderful dish and impart our own unique flavor, adding to the other vital aspects of community that you have blessed us to be apart of.

In Christ’s name I pray,






When I think of Barry I think of DC superheros (Barry Allen is the alter-ego of the Flash).



The Barry pictured above is the product of an awesome world of superheros who fight villains on a daily basis. The Barry I want to talk about is a little boy who is waiting for his chance to be a superhero. Barry is living in a children’s home in Eastern Europe. While he is well-developed physically he does have some delays in his speech development (he has speech difficulties and speaks in short sentences of 2-3 words) as well as delays in learning skills.

Barry likes music programmes on the T.V., ball games, computer games, and drawing. He is available to be adopted by large families, older parents, and by single mums.

Every kid has the potential to be a superhero. Barry is no exception. He reminds me of another ten year old boy who was living in an Eastern European orphanage before he was adopted.

DSC_0122 (2)

Three years ago my brother was adopted with his three younger siblings. He was ten years old and in the years leading up to his thirteenth birthday I have seen him grow and develop. He has come so far, and while he still has many things to learn and work through, he is well on his way to being a superhero. Someone who can use his loves and passions, his past and his future dreams to change the lives of others. Isn’t that what a superhero is? Someone who works to help others and to keep them safe.

Will you pray for me that Barry will get the chance to be a superhero?

Dear Lord,

Thank you for every chance that you give us to step into the lives of others. Chances to make friends; chances to help others; chances to protect others and see them grow into amazing people; chances to be a superhero in someone’s life.

I pray that Barry will be able to be a superhero in someone’s life and that someone will be a superhero in his. Please bring him into a family filled with encouragement and patience. A family that will weather the tough times that happen when adopting an older child. I pray that they will have the support system that they need to help Barry grow into a fine young man.

Please give all of us the grace and strength to be superheros in other people’s lives and that we can strengthen others to be superheros themselves. I also pray that you will help us to be humble and full of grace when we are in need of a superhero. That we will be thankful and welcoming to those that you send to help us just as you call us to help others.

May Barry be a wonderful addition to someone’s family.

In your holy name I pray,




A New Year + Kieran

abbey and levi Xmas

I pray that everyone’s Christmas season was one of joy and peace. It is my hope that as we reflect upon Christ and what He has done for us in His birth, life, death, and resurrection that we will be strengthened in our faith and inspired to live a life devoted to God.

I do understand that Christmas is often hard for many people. I think of a young man that I have known since I moved to this country seven years ago. He died two nights ago. As I try to process this, my thoughts turn to his family and the sports teams that we were both heavily involved in. This will be a hard time for many. Instead of rejoicing as the New Year rolls in there will be heart break that at 22 he was unable to see another year.

Despite the hardship there is a few things that warm my heart. First, that his long battle and suffering in the grip of cancer is no more. Second, that our university was able to give him an early graduation – he was able to experience this achievement that he had worked towards. Third, and most important of all, he joined the family of Christ and can now see his Savior face to face. Fourth, I know his family was with him in the end. I pray that they may be comforted in this time and that his witness will also bring them into the House of the Lord.

I come now to my greatest hope. That in times of struggle, hardship, and yes, even death, we will have those that love and care for us by our side. It breaks my heart that many children, and adults, do not know the love and support of a family. May we, the Church, those of the family of God, stand alongside these people in 2018 and beyond. May we be family for these people. And for children like Kieran/Wesley who wait for a family.

Kieran was born in 2014 with Spinal Meningocele which has resulted in delayed psycho-motor development. He is able to be adopted and has $495 donated to help pay for some of the fees. Would you pray for Kieran with me?

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Kieran. Thank you for his smile. I pray that you will bring him into a family. A family that will care for him and protect him. A family that will help him to grow and reach his greatest potential.

Please prepare his heart and the hearts and minds of the family that you will call forward. May you provide support and care for them so that they may weather the hard times that are sure to come. But also have friends and family around them so that they may rejoice at the blessings and victories that will also come.

Please prepare us and show us how to be the support and care for others. Help us to know what it means to be a family and to be in a family.

For you and for your glory I pray,


kids on snow horse

May you all have a blessed New Year!