Austyn is from the People’s Republic of China. He was born in August of 2007 but it wasn’t until 2016 that he was listed with Reece’s Rainbow.

Austyn has Albinism as well as significant motion and intelligence delays. Thankfully he has made great improvement since he moved from an institutionalized setting to the New Day Foster home! What is really cool is that the foster home has a blog so you can have a look at what the kids are doing.

It is said that Austyn loves music. If you are interested in finding out more about him Reece’s Rainbow has a synopsis of a description from a special education teacher from the foster home.

Austyn also has over $500 gifted to him on Reece’s Rainbow so hopefully that will help the family that will come forward to adopt him. Would you pray with me for Austyn?

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Austyn. Thank you for his smiles and his love of music. Lord please bring a family forward for him. May he know the love of a family. I pray that they will help him to continue to make improvement and grow into the amazing person that you have planned.

Thank you so much for the nannies, medical staff, and volunteers at New Day Foster home. Please give them wisdom to continue to care for the children in the home. Please bless them and help them to be encouraged by the improvement that they see in the kids.

In Your name I pray,





Born in 2005 Declan is described as an easy going and quiet boy who is blessed to be able to attend school where he makes average grades and is a leader in his class. He enjoys numbers and studying as well as playing outside in all sorts of weather!declan-300x300

Declan was admitted to the orphanage when he was just a newborn and is still waiting for a family after all this time. It has been said that this young man has strong language skills and that his actions seem timid and slow due to his impaired vision.

Declan has also been blessed with a $10,000 older child grant. Please pray with me that this awesome boy will have a family soon!

Declan’s link

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Declan. Thank you for his wonderful smile and for his love of studying. I pray that You will bless him with a family who will help to grow his love of learning and numbers.

Thank You for the blessing of a grant for Declan. I pray that this grant will help the family that will come forward for Declan and that they will be wise in the moving forward in the adoption process. Please bring them forward quickly so that Declan can have a family soon.

Thank you for this boy and others like him waiting for their families, may they know Your love.

For Your glory and Your kingdom,