You Say You’re Pro-Life – But Are You Really?

I think this post below goes well with the thoughts that I was speaking to on Monday.

I agree wholeheartedly – Christians are called to be lights, to show life. Life encompasses more than just birth. Life includes every part of one’s existence, both physical and spiritual. Jesus brought life – He brought life in the spiritual sense, bringing back those who believe from spiritual death to life. But He also brought physical life – Jesus healed people!

Adoption is apart of the Christian’s call to be the light and salt in the world. Adoption is hard but fighting for life is hard. Jesus, in order to bring life, died. He endured great suffering; He was persecuted, ridiculed, and ultimately was sentenced to the death reserved for the lowest of the low, for insurrectionists and the like.

As a Christian I am called to be continually set apart for God (it is the process of sanctification). This setting apart does not mean that I (or any other Christian) am to shun the world and everything in it. Rather, I am to live in the world – to be the light and life of Christ to those around me.

Humanity was created as BOTH physical and spiritual beings. There cannot be a disconnect between the physical and spiritual. Christians are call to be light and life to both the physical and spiritual aspects of others.

Adoption speaks to both of these points – the physical and the spiritual. Physically, for many children, adoption brings life. The kids now have access to medical care, food, schooling, and family. Adoption also gives the children a chance at spiritual life. No one should force another to accept a belief system but through adoption the child has an opportunity to accept and hear the Christian message.

My siblings would never have been presented with who Christ is and what He has done if they had not been adopted. They would also have been physically so much more unhealthy. No one would have known one of my brothers has dislocated elbows since infancy, no one would have known of my sister’s dental issues or her struggles with sensory processing, no one would have known about my brother’s dairy allergy. Health wise they are so much better! I see them today and I see new life flowing through them.

Just look at this little guy. Even in the first photo he had changed so much from the day my parents picked him up from the orphanage. But the change just a few months later is amazing!

It is the Christian’s call to bring life. There are so many ways that God calls us to bring life. God has created us all differently and those differences are so beautiful! There is a need for us to embrace these differences and to use them to bring life. There are so many ways that adoption can be supported. Use your differences, use your uniqueness, use your gifts to support adoption and to bring life.

To Him be the Glory!


I don’t do politics. Politics is ugly. Especially this election, yeesh. It seems, that one of the major divisive talking points is the pro-choice vs pro-life argument. The more and more rhetoric I hear, I want to ask you (challenge you even) Pro-Lifer, are you truly truly pro-life or are you simply anti-abortion?

What happens when this child you fought to be born needs routine well checks and immunizations and their parents need help affording it? What happens when the child turns out to have more complex medical needs like Down Syndrome, congenital heart defect, or osteogenesis imperfecta? Are you supporting programs like Medicaid? Are you supporting or contributing to local doctors who provide free or reduced services for low income families? You should be. Access to healthcare greatly increases one’s quality of life. And you said you were pro life.

What happens when this child you fought to be born grows into a toddler…

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