link to Nevan’s Reece’s Rainbow page

Nevan was eight when he was first listed with Reece’s rainbow; he was described as cheerful, welcoming, friendly, playful, active, confident, respectful, and obedient.What a big list for one little boy! Nevan was also said to adapt well. Nevan lives in a country in Africa and has HIV. Could you join me in praying for this wonderful little guy?

Dear Lord,

thank you for Nevan. Thank you for those that care for him. I pray that they will have the wisdom to look after and lead the children under their care into a bright future. I also pray that there will be sufficient funds for the medication that Nevan needs to be supplied, and also the medication that is needed for the other children that he lives with.

Please, Lord, bring forward a family to open their arms to this child, to love him and raise him up to be a strong man of You. A man who will help others and be a light for those around him.

For Your glory and Your kingdom,



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