Update: Anderson has a family coming!!!!! WooHoo 🙂

Anderson is a little boy who has some big challenges in his life but has so much potential! It has been reported that he has excellent development, at 14 months old he is an active boy who crawls, rolls, pulls to a stand, and uses single words. Anderson is also said to understand what is spoken to him. In his short life he has had surgery, casts, and braces to help with his limb differences (bilateral fibular hemimelia, left forearm amelia, and congenital talipes equinovarus).


I thank you for Anderson, thank you that he is choosing to fight, to grow, learn, and discover his world. I pray that you will keep this fighting spirit in him as he continues to grow and face challenges. I pray that he will seek you and become a light in this world.

Lord, please bring a family to step forward and chose him. I pray that they will be encouraging and loving, helping Anderson to be the best that he can be. To help him have the confidence to achieve everything that you have planned for him.

I also pray for the doctor’s and caregivers that have been with Anderson throughout his short life so far. Please give them wisdom as they work with Anderson. May You bless them and bring them into Your light.

I pray this through the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ’s name,




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