Bailey is a special girl but unfortunately her time is running out! In China orphans age out at fourteen and her birthday is coming up soon (January). When she reaches this pivotal age she will lose the chance at having a family. Could you pray with me that this young lady will have the chance of a family before its too late?


Dear Lord,

Thank you for Bailey. I pray that you will give her hope even as her time is running short. Please place a sense of urgency in  the hearts of family and call them forward to be Bailey’s parents. I pray that she will receive the chance to be held and loved, to be taught Your love, and to be shown that she is important and that she matters in this world.

Lord, I also pray for her muscles and for her confidence as she struggles to do some tasks due to the low muscle tension in her arms. Please help her not to give up and show determination and beautiful strength of character.

Thank you for those who care for her; please help them as they look after the many children under their care. I pray that there will be enough food for the children, an adequate roof over their heads so that they can stay warm and dry, and proper medical attention  for the children when they may fall ill.

Thank you again for Bailey. Please be with her.

In Your holy name I pray,



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