It’s been a little while…..

I feel bad about not posting in a while but I do have an excuse! I was busy getting ready for my trip to Taiwan!!!!!

I am SUPER excited! I will be meeting up with four other girls from various countries in Europe and we will be doing some volunteer work with kids from the lower socio-economic part of Taipei.

I will be gone for three weeks. The thing that I am most concerned about (excluding how to get my way around the airports and get on my flights on time) is how my little sister will cope. 

  We share a room and last night she was crying in fear because she has never slept in a room alone and she is terrified that she won’t be safe. Please pray with me for peace for her, that she will feel safe, secure, and loved. Thank you!

Dear Lord,

Thank you so much for Treasure. Thank you that You have blessed me with having her as a sister. 

Thank you that You are using her to teach me patience and not to be attached to material things but to rely on You for strength and love when I find it difficult to love.

Thank you that You are transforming Treasure into her namesake, a beautiful treasure of You. 

Please, Lord, protect her and let her know that she is important and that we would do anything to keep her safe.

Thank you for my little sister.

In Jesus name,



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