Talking with Buttons

I was looking at Reece’sRainbow and my littlest brother (adopted one year ago) came along and asked “who is that?”

I replied that he is “a little boy who is waiting for his Mummy and Daddy.”

“He doesn’t have a Daddy and Mummy?” Buttons asked.

“No, he doesn’t have a Daddy and Mummy.” I replied.

“So he’s waiting?”

“Yes, he is waiting for a Mummy and  Daddy.”

“That is sad” said Buttons.

I am so thankful that he realizes it’s good to have a mummy and daddy.

The little boy that Buttons and I were talking about was Quinntavius.


Thank you for Quinntavius. Thank you that he has learnt to combine actions with words. Thank you that he loves playing and loves books. 

I pray that he will have a family before his fourth birthday. A family that will love him and care for him. A family that will provide him with surgery if he needs it on his eyelid. A family that will help him to get the therapy he needs to overcome his limb difference and become all that he can be!

I thank you for this awesome little boy!

In Jesus’ name I pray,



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